Guide to handheld computers, apps and smartphones 
          offers handheld computing devices guide, also commonly referred to as smartphones (personal digital assistant), including  high quality cases and covers for your handheld device, and accessories including cradles, keyboards, and styli. 
Our handheld computer tablet pc buying guide has practical tips for choosing the best handheld computer for your needs.

If you just looking for a good tablet computer for gaming apps you should maybe try a Android tablet.

Handheld computers are typically designed for specific tasks.  The devices combine the power of a mobile computer and ergonomic comfort for daily use in a handheld computer.  Handheld computers rely on sophisticated wireless hardware to communicate, but they also rely on custom applications.  Apps guides for handheld computers are mainly proprietary documents which are only available from the manufacturer or the distributer of handheld computers.  Apps guides present information regarding the apps that function on the handheld computer, how the apps can be customized and other information regarding settings for the apps.   apps, tablets and smartphones read more here


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